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  • FRN-YT550T1-Ni1

FRN-YT550T1-Ni1 is a kind of lime-titania type CO2 gas-shielded flux-cored welding wire. It has excellent welding performance, soft and stable arc, fewer spatters, good slag detachability and beautiful appearance of weld. Suitable for downhand welding and flat fillet welding. It has high welding efficiency. The weld metal has been given toughening treatment by microelements, so it has excellent low temperature toughness above -40℃ and good crack-resistance.

Used for welding structures made of low temperature steel and low-alloy high strength steel. Widely used for welding some

key structures like shipbuilding, mechanical manufacture, pressure vessels, storage tanks, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, ocean structures, etc.

Typical Chemical Composition of weld metal (%)

CMnSiPSother 0.900

Typical Deposited Metal Mechanical Feature(CO2 Shielding Gas)

Yield Strength ReL


Tensile Strength Rm


Elongation δ5(%)Impact test

Impact energy KV2 (J)


Reference Current (DC+) 

Wire Diameter(mm)φ1.2φ1.4φ1.6
Current Range(A)Downhand Welding120~300150~400180~450
Vertical Upward Welding and Overhead Position Welding120~260150~270180~280
Vertical Downward Welding and Overhead Position Welding200~300220~300250~300
Horizontal Welding120~28018150~320250~350

Packing terms

Plastic spool 1kg D100mm

Plastic spool 5kg D200mm
Plastic spool 15kg D270mm

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